Sketching the Musee du Louvre, in front of the Musee d'Orsay; banks of the Seine River, Paris

Diane grew up near the ocean in Beverly, MA, on Boston's North Shore and spent many barefoot summers exploring there and at a family lakehouse in New Hampshire. She was always particularly fond of observing nature, and always sketching or painting something or other. She received her education from Endicott College and Montserrat College of Art and has a parallel career as freelance graphic designer and illustrator in educational book publishing. Diane has lived in the snowy mountains of Taos, New Mexico, in the sunny U.S. Virgin islands, and has settled in the small equestrian Hamlet of Hamilton, MA, with her husband Dan. Their many travels to Europe - including several visits to Paris and Italy and trips to Ireland, Scotland, England, the South of France, Scandinavia and Russia - have shaped Diane's aesthetic and artistic sensibility. Like the impressionist and fauvist artists that she so admires, Diane has a healthy relationship with color, which shows in her bold and vibrant canvases. She participates in local group shows, including at the annual Crane Estate and Essex County Greenbelt's Art in the Barn Shows. She continues to explore when she can, both in Europe and on the North Shore, and is happiest discovering beautiful new spaces and places.